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Waterproof Heated Gloves

Waterproof Heated Gloves

Waterproof Heated Gloves

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Get ready to tackle the cold weather... Introducing our Waterproof Heated Gloves

Our Waterproof Heated Gloves are built with an innovative design & weather resistant construction to provide a long-lasting, warm and comfortable experience. The gloves can last up to 8 hours of warmth.

Our Waterproof Heated Gloves provide finger and thumb heating elements and feature Warming Textile Heated Insulation for maximum heat retention.The gloves not only protects your hands from snow and ice,but actually heats them to the tips of your fingers, for long-lasting warmth and comfort. Great for skiing, hiking, hunting, biking, shoveling snow and other activities in the cold environment. These gloves will allow you to forget about the cold and let you focus more on enjoying your time outdoors.

With these ultimate winter gloves, you will be ready to tackle any winter condition or cold-weather activity you can conjure up! 

Features & Benefits:

  • Electronically heated winter gloves, perfect for any cold weather activity.
  • Carbon fiber heating element, optimally placed in the hand for a quick warm-up and even distribution of heat across the hand and fingers.
  • Breathable membrane built in that protects hands from harsh conditions.
  • Incredibly durable shell with element protection
  • Offers up to 8 hours of comfortable warmth from harsh winter weather.

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