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Vital Foam™ - Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

Vital Foam™ - Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

Vital Foam™ - Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

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Sleep like an angel with the best memory foam pillow that is specially designed for back and side sleepers.

Our Vital Foam™ - Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow is formed with superior adaptive memory foam and has posture-correct contours for proper spine and neck alignment. This helps reduce aches and stiffness in the neck and back!

Adaptive Memory Foam

For side sleepers, the cradle design supports you in the optimal side sleeping posture. While the unique cut-out on the sides rests your arm in its natural, comfortable sleep position which helps reduce pressure on your shoulders.

Unique Side Cutout

For back sleepers, reverse Vital Foam™ to the neck cradle for the perfect sleep alignment to help reduce stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back.

Vital Foam™  includes a soft, machines washable pillowcase which is copper infused to help reduce odors and bacteria

Soft Pillowcase

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