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Punch-Free Socket Holder (4pcs/set)

Punch-Free Socket Holder (4pcs/set)

Punch-Free Socket Holder (4pcs/set)

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Our punch-free socket holder is a convenient and practical solution for organizing your sockets, remotes, routers etc. It is designed to securely hold and store objects of various sizes and types, without the need for punching holes or screws in walls or workbenches.

Made from durable materials such as heavy-duty plastic or metal, the socket holder features a strong adhesive backing that easily sticks to any smooth surface. It can be mounted on a wall, cabinet, or toolbox to keep your sockets within reach and easily accessible.

The holder typically features a series of sockets clips in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to store a variety of socket types, including metric, SAE, and specialty sockets. The clips are designed to securely hold the sockets in place, preventing them from falling out or getting lost.

The punch-free socket holder is easy to install and can be repositioned as needed without damaging the surface it is mounted on. It is a great organizational tool for DIY enthusiasts, mechanics, and anyone who uses sockets regularly. With a punch-free socket holder, you can keep your sockets neatly organized and always at hand.

Perfect for fixing power boards, remote controls, tissue boxes, routers, adapters, etc. Widely used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom wall, glass, tile, etc.


  • Fixer for power strips--Specially designed for power strips, wireless routers, tissue boxes, adapters and remote controls, just install your power strip and say goodbye to clutter.

  • Compatibility--Power strip mount holder for Belkin, GE Power Strip, TESSAN, Bototek, Prime Wire & Cable and most other mountable power strips.

  • Separable and Reusable--The slide design is convenient for you to fix and separate. The reusable acrylic gel allows you to clean multiple times while still maintaining the initial adhesion.

  • Simple and Fast Installation--Punch-free mounted, self-adhesive acrylic transparent adhesive, paste without residue, strong load bearing, the longer the bonding time, the stronger the adhesion, and the maximum load is up to 3kg.Product length: 3.93inch, width: 1.57inch


  • Material: ABS

  • Weight: 50 g

  • Size: 10.2*4*0.7 cm

  • Color: Green

  • Occasions: home/ office

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