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PowerCurl™ Curling Iron

PowerCurl™ Curling Iron

PowerCurl™ Curling Iron

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Stress-free Curls in Just 5 Minutes with our PowerCurl™ Curling Iron.

Automatic Curling

PowerCurl™ Curling Iron lets you curl, iron, and condition your hair at the same time. Our one-inch ceramic coating barrel allows rapid heating of hair. The barrel produces the heat of up to 210°C and its AI evenly distributes this to avoid any potential hair damage.

Works On Every Head!

Whatever type of hair you have or brand of dye you’re using. With our PowerCurl™, you can have beach curls on short hair or baby curls on long hair! Getting your PowerCurl™ on is like having the world’s top hairdressers do your hair like royalty.

      Ceramic Heat

      We feel your stress while you try and get the perfect curl using substandard hair equipment and lousy outdated curlers - that’s why we installed ceramic heat technology in PowerCurl™ along with a preset setting for your own hair type!

      This technology produces just enough infrared heat to stir up the negative ions in your hair. PowerCurl™ efficiently distributes the infrared heat and leaves your hair with a shiny, smooth, and healthy finish.

        HOW TO USE

        1. Choose your desired temperature and curling timer as a guide (15S/17S/19S).
        2. Hold the curling iron vertically with the digital control side facing the head.
        3. Take a ¾” to 1” section of hair and insert it into the opening of the curl chamber at a 90° angle. If larger sections are used, hair may be tangled.
        4. Insert sectioned hair into the curling chamber.
        5. Press and continuously hold the arrow button in the desired direction to curl the hair. The hair strand will be automatically curled into the chamber and the rotating will stop.
        6. You will hear 4 beeps once the curl is set.
        7. Remove the tool gently from the hair


          • A Ceramic PowerCurl™ Curling Iron
          • A Cleaning Tool
          • 2* Hairclips
          • A User's manual
          *Due to high demand, please allow 10-20 days for delivery.
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