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Pocket Fire Lighting Kit

Pocket Fire Lighting Kit

Pocket Fire Lighting Kit

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A complete kit for all-weather fire lighting, provided in a pocket-size case to keep everything to hand.

Includes a top-quality, chunky Ferrocerium rod that produces a shower of 3,000° C sparks, and will start hundreds of fires. The durable steel Striker also doubles as a bottle opener, making it the perfect campfire accessory!

A Telescopic Bellows tube allows you to directly feed oxygen into the heart of the fire, turning even the most difficult to light fuel into a stable fire within minutes.

Contains a supply of water-resistant fat wood sticks, which make starting fires a pleasure and not a chore. The Magnesium Sharpener can be used to shave the included Waxed Dowel or collected sticks into hot burning kindling.

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