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Perfect Eyeshadow Stamp Crease

Perfect Eyeshadow Stamp Crease

Perfect Eyeshadow Stamp Crease

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No more struggling for the perfect eyeshadow look. With our new eyeshadow stamp, everything done in seconds. You will surely get a smooth and perfect eyeshadow look every day. Now, your two eyes are much more balanced than anytime before.

About the product

  • Helps make precise eyeshadow designs for creative new looks
  • Make precise makeup designs for special occasions or everyday wear.
  • For beginners and the creative Makeup Artist
  • Buy Now to make Faster and more accurate makeup eyeshadow designs


  • Universally-wearable
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Easy to use
  • Done in seconds

Some Tips

  • Use specific camouflage and not the liquid concealer.
  • For glitter we recommend the thin one.
  • Stamp Crease also works with powder eyeshadow and pigments.
  • The steps of applying makeup is the same, just apply the eyeshadow fixer all over your eyelid (you do not need to apply fixer on the Stamp Crease).