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One Step Nail Gel Pen

One Step Nail Gel Pen

One Step Nail Gel Pen

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Polish your nails with PERFECT GLOSS with SINGLE STEP!  
One Step Nail Gel Pen saves up to 60% of your nail polish time. No base coat. No top coat. No REPEATED dipping- the gel liquid is already stored inside the pen! 
  • All-in-1 nail gel pen:
    No base/ top coat is needed! Just apply it on your nails directly and cure under the UV nail lamp!
  • Fast-dry
     minutes to complete your nail art
  • Pen-shaped design
    Portable & easy to paint nails precisely 
  • Twist-and-paint
    No need to dip into nail polish container after every paint- this pen stores the nail gel inside the pen for instant use
  • Long-lasting
    Shiny finish can last for 14-21 days
  • Non-toxic 
    Harmless to nails with light smell
  • Versatile
    Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, false nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.
  1. Trim & dry your nails neatly
  2. Twist the cap in clockwise direction to squeeze out the gel
  3. Apply a thin layer first and put under LED or UV nail dryer lamp
  4. (Optional) Apply the second layer gel for shiny finish
  • Net Content: 5ml
  • 1 x One Step Nail Gel Pen
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