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Multi-functional Foldable LED Walking Stick

Multi-functional Foldable LED Walking Stick

Multi-functional Foldable LED Walking Stick

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Are you tired of walking with those aches and pains that are just plain miserable to deal with? Are you tired of being assisted everywhere you go and you just want to walk by yourself but seems almost impossible? Luckily our team of researchers came up with the ultimate solution. Our Multi-function Walking Stick instantly relieves you of those nagging pains and offers you the support you need to walk around pain-free.

Equipped with a non-slip T-handle to provide you with maximum stability and a comfortable grip, it helps you get around with less pain and less pressure being placed on your hands.

Comes with a fully adjustable pivoting angle quad base, which means you can move in any angle you want freely without worrying about losing your balance or losing your cane. The nonslip base at the bottom also ensures extra support in case of any sudden twists or turns, keeping you safe at all times.

Equipped with an LED flashlight as well. Handy in any case scenario. Helps you see more in areas with low lighting whether you're going for a late-night walk or even in a dim setting when you just need a little more brightness. Also used to increase visibility completely keeping you safe and everyone else aware of your presence.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Store - Easy to fold and put virtually anywhere to carry around with you everywhere you go. Level adjustability makes it a breeze to disassemble and put away when you're not using it.
  • Reduces Pain - Unlike other canes, our stick offers you support in any direction and all angles with maximum support and stability, ensuring that you don't slip and fall or make a wrong move and pay for it tomorrow. 
  • Visible At Night - Making you easily visible and help keeps you safe at night. Safety is our number one priority so with that in mind we created an LED light so you can walk at any time of the night safe and sound. Even makes for a handy flashlight just in case the power goes out and you're in the dark all by yourself. The ultimate two in one tool that gives you peace of mind and less worry at night.
  • Adjustable - Can be adjusted to any height! Whether you're tall or short we cater to all without any inconvenience. 5 Level adjustable and locks in at any setting. Can be used to walk around and can even be used to help get you out of the tub with ease!!. A true game-changer to the industry.

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