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Instant Ice Cream Maker

Instant Ice Cream Maker

Instant Ice Cream Maker

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Easily create healthy ice cream with your favorite flavors



How can I make Ice Cream using the Instant Ice Cream Maker?

Making Ice Cream at home has never been easier or fun!

First you need the put the Ice Cream Maker in the Freezer compartment of your fridge for 15 mins.

In the meantime, prepare your ingredients! You will need a liquid base for the ice cream like coconut, sweet or regular milk, yogurt or a fruit juice for a healthy summer option.

You can also add several flavours to your Ice Cream: Fruits, Chocolate, Cookies, Biscuits or any of your favourite snacks.

Remove the Ice Cream Maker from the freezer and pour the liquid base and your favourite snack/fruit and start smashing! The mixture will quickly start to turn into Ice Cream while you mix it.

Yes, you can also use your favourite Cola brand and make an Ice Cream out of it! We have surveyed our satisfied customers, and many have reported the Cola Sorbet as their favourite discovery of the summer! All you need is to pour the Cola drink on the pan, wait for it to start crystalizing and turning into ice-cream. Gently smash it and serve.

How does the Instant Ice Cream Maker work?

No need for an electric plug! The Instant Ice Cream Maker is eco-friendly and its improved aluminium pans are designed to efficiently retain the temperature of the freezer. You are basically recycling your energy and it works with any type of freezer!

Very easy to clean and does not include any type of chemicals or gas. Safety is our number one concern. 

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