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Heavy Duty Hammock Hanging Hook

Heavy Duty Hammock Hanging Hook

Heavy Duty Hammock Hanging Hook

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  • This hammock hooks includes 2 stainless steel rhombus pad and 8 stainless steel screws (50mm long)
  • Supports 1000 lbs when properly attached (500lbs per one pad ) making them perfect additions for any room.
  • The stainless steel screws are solid and they are thick and sturdy! Even the carabiners. All parts are made of the best quality stainless steel.
  • The easy-to-use kit lets you create a relaxation station using any secure structure, from wall studs to sturdy posts. 
  • You can install kit on a ceiling, living room, bedrooms or any other structure in your home... Durable WEATHER RESISTANT finishes so you can use outdoors as well.
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