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USB Infrared Heating Vest

USB Infrared Heating Vest

USB Infrared Heating Vest

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Are you tired of the cold winter? Our new USB Infrared Heating Vest is one of the best accessories you can have in winter. This little vest that you can put under a warmer vest or just over your sweater will keep you warm no matter where you go!  

  • Activates various functions between skin and promotes metabolism.
  • Body warming and increases blood circulation
  • Warms the human body, consumes excess heat, increases blood oxygen and fluidity.
  • It provides deeper adjustment of physiological functions to avoid sub-health state and restore vitality.
  • It can improve the body's microcirculation, dredge and activate the meridians, eliminate local pain and inflammation.
  • The 5 heating pads placed inside the vest are designed to heat up the chest and abdominal region as well as the shoulders and back.
  • Infrared heating with no harmful radiation and stable performance is safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, soft and comfortable.
Temperature Shift (Manual adjustment):
  • Warm: 65 ℃ (Red Light)
  • Comfort: 55℃ (White Light)
  • Energy Saving: 45 ℃ (Blue Light)
  • Battery life: Up to 8h (Depending on the setting)

    • Made of Neoprene Carbon Fiber
    • Windproof & Antistatic Vest
    • Thin & Light
    Shipping Information:
    • We have warehouses present in the US, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, and Italy for this product so delivery time to those countries would take an estimated 5-10 days.
    • Shipments to countries outside of the ones mentioned above could take up to 10-20 days.

    *Please note that in order for our USB Infrared Heating Vest to function, you would need to connect the USB cable in the left pocket to a power bank that we do not provide.

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