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Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car

Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car

Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car

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Our Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car is an all-terrain RC car capable of full transformation from a flat race car, into a 4x4 beastIt features the latest gesture-control technology, allowing you to experience something completely unique and amazingly fun with this newest addition to the RC world.

It features omnidirectional movement, allowing you to control the car in any direction/angle. This unique movement pattern is based on the principle of a central wheel with a number of axles located around the wheel that convert part of the wheel's steering force into a normal force that lets the car move in a direction that is perpendicular to its previous direction.

✅ Double-sided drive design - It has a unique double-sided design, it can be flipped and driven on both sides. This means the car will continue driving even after hitting an obstacle and getting turned over. Made of metal and plastic, it is extremely durable and is also resistant to both water and high pressures.

✅ One-click conversion - suitable for running on any terrain. Just click on the switch button on the remote control, its body will bend, the four wheels will be pushed in tighter together, allowing to car to function smoothly even in "off-road" conditions.

✅ Applicable indoors and outdoors, flat hills: Our Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car is able to produce relatively strong power, allowing it to achieve high speeds of up to 25 km/hour. It can run perfectly on various surfaces indoors and outdoors, such as cement floor, terrazzo floor, cross country sports and so on.

✅ Anti-interference, easy to operate: 2.4 GHz radio control system has good anti-interference performance. The remote control distance is approximately 150 meters, allowing multiple cars to play without any interference between them.

✅ Front, rear, left/right, flip and high chassis can be freely combined during playback. 4WD driving provides better stability and off-road performance. Our Gesture Control Double-Sided Stunt Car is very sturdy.


Type: Gesture control - Double-Sided Stunt Car
Materials: ABS/PVC
Controller: 2.4Ghz

Charging time: 2-3h
Speed: 25km/h
Working time: 45 mins
Control distance: 150m
Product size (L x W x H): 50*28*13cm
Package Weight: 1.98 kg
Function: forward/backward,turn left/right/Deform

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