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Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine

Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine

Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine

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Finally, A way that you can create delicious desserts from the comfort of your own home. Introducing our Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine - The dessert machine that satisfies all your cravings.

Easy to set-up and use in just minutes simply plug it in and fill it up with your favorite sorbet and let it do the rest. Making your frozen treats in just minutes. You can make any kind of frozen dessert you like such as frozen yogurt, fruit sorbet, milkshakes, and the list goes on. Makes it just the way you like it.

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You can use it to make dessert for the family, special event or even as a little treat yourself. Which means on any occasion you can make desserts that everyone will absolutely fall in love with and not have to spend money on expensive catering.

What's really amazing about this product is how easy it is to assemble and how amazingly effective it is. With our Frozen Fruit Dessert Machine, we aim to give you Simple, reliable and most importantly... A way you can make delicious mouth-watering deserts without spending another dime going out.


  • Healthy Alternative - Instantly churn 100% frozen fruits to create a healthy dessert without additional fat, sugar or preservatives compared to other "ice cream" or "yogurt" like treats
  • Easy To Assemble- Literally in just minutes. Simply pop it out the package, Place the funnel on top it. Plug it in and start making desserts like never before.
  • Make Any Dessert- Anything you have a taste for whether that's a tasty rainbow sorbet or a deliciously rich and chocolatey milkshake. Any frozen dessert you have a taste for BonoFreeze can make in minutes. 
  • Perfect Gift Idea- For a friend, family member or a loved one. Makes for the perfect gift for anyone that has a serious sweet tooth for frozen desserts.


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