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Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

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Tired of the same old nail clippers that hurt your baby´s nails? Our battery-operated Baby Nail Trimmer can help you to safely trim your baby’s nails without damaging the cuticles or soft nail beds. This electric baby nail filer comes with an LED light, allowing you to trim your babies' nails while they’re sleeping. It is easy & safe to use, light-weight and comes with 6 different grinding heads that are suitable for all stages of the baby. 100% Baby Proof to cut your baby´s nails the safe way! 

  • Quiet motor - Trim your baby´s nails while they´re sleeping
  • Built-in night light - Perfect for that night time nail trimming whilst your baby is sleeping.
  • L/R rotation - Convenient to use with either your left or right hand
  • Low & High-speed modes - Change the speed as you like
  • Lightweight and compact design - Take it anywhere!
  • Different grinding heads suits all ages - Choose accordingly to suit your baby´s nails
  • Product: 6 in 1 Electric Baby Nail Trimmer
  • Innovative design (easy to use, hold, and carry)
  • One-Button Activation
  • Adjustable Speed And Rotation Controls
  • Size: 15*4.5cm
  • Color:  pink / blue


  • 1 x Electric Nail Trimmer
  • 6 x Different Grinding Heads

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