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Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper

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The tongue is one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to oral hygiene. Not many people realize this, but scraping your tongue should be part of your oral hygiene routine. In the back of the tongue, there are often plaques consisting of dead cells and germs which are the main cause of bad breath, and that can also lead to major issues if not properly cleaned. 

Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, our Tongue Scraper provides the perfect solution to bad breath and digestive issues. It is perfectly safe to use and extremely durable, guaranteed to last a lifetime provided it is not forcibly broken.


 Toothbrushes are not designed to clean your tongue. - Toothbrush bristles are packed together in tight bunches to sweep the smooth surface of your teeth. That’s great for teeth, but not for tongues. A toothbrush will not clean down into the crevices of your tongue where stinky gunk hides.

 Tongue Scraper is designed to clean your tongue - The curved design and smooth surface creates the perfect shape to reach your entire tongue.

Daily Convenience

Now you will be able to remove bad breath caused by germs and bacteria on the tongue whilst also removing the slime coating on the tongue that can contribute to tooth decay which can help improve digestive/health issues, and make you feel good when you're out and about!

  • Reduces bad breath caused by germs and bacteria on the tongue
  • Stimulates the taste buds, which enhances a person's sense of taste.
  • Removes the slime coating on the tongue that can contribute to tooth decay
  • Improves digestive health, since many foods are first broken down in the mouth
  • Reduces toxins found in the body from food that is left to ferment on the tongue

Directions for proper usage:

  1. Gargle your mouth with water.
  2. Stick your tongue out, then scrape it by the concave side of the scraper gently from inside of your tongue to the tip.
  3. Repeat step 2 several times according to your tongue condition.

Please note that it is not recommended for several people to be sharing one Tongue Scraper, instead each person should have their very own for daily use. This is why we provide such large discounts for bulk purchases to ensure perfect health for all our customers.

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